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Repution Management

reputation management LSS Online Reputation Management (ORM, Negative Suppression Service) helps companies eliminate or reduce the damage caused by negative Internet postings that rank highly on searches for their company, brand names or individuals associated with the organization. e removal of the offending pages varies in difficulty depending on where the negative articles/links are hosted, the number of listings and where they are linking to and how they are being promoted. However, removal or suppression is not impossible.

Our Working Process in 3 simple steps

We have developed complex coding and web practices to manage our clients reputation online.

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Reputation Management

What is online Reputation Management?

“Did you know that the majority of negative links on the Internet are not placed by clients?"

What is online Reputation Management?

For many companies, a badly placed negative comment on the Internet starts off as a small problem and quickly grows and quite often is not even perceived as a threat to their reputation until it’s too late. At this stage your reputation and credibility as a company may be brought into question and your sales teams will find it harder to close new business and existing clients may even stop receiving your calls.

Ask yourself;

When you type your name or your company’s name into a search engine do you see one or more negative comments on web sites that present you or your company’s reputation in a negative light?

Do the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Being show harmful comments about you or your business?

Have you received negative feedback from your customers due to negative comments they have seen on the web?

Have your sales teams reported a higher number of failing customer contact calls?

Are your Call Costs increasing in-line with falling sales?

A damaged reputation needs to be managed and one of the major failings by companies in a “blame” culture is to adopt the Ostrich approach, sweep it under the rug and hope that it goes away or that nobody will notice. Online negative reputations snowball and if you do not take action to manage your reputation a company or individual will quickly find the problem increasing. It’s true, bad news does travel fast, the Internet search engines thrive on new content and many scam exposure sites republish bad news with a view to profiting from the information.

Don’t despair, a negative reputation can be repaired and if managed correctly can be protected in the future.

How Does LeadSpecificSolutions Reputation Management Work?

LSS Online Reputation Management works in three areas to remove the negative content, all of which are ethically based. Prior to commencement of any work, it will be necessary for LSS to prepare a list of your negative inbound public links. Once the list is agreed with the client, LSS can prepare a schedule of work.
LSS don’t only work in the current context, we also prepare for the future. Any work undertaken is also linked to future protection to ensure the longevity of any completed work.

LSS not only view Reputation Management as a shield, but also as an intrinsic part of your company’s online marketing needs.

So what does our Reputation Management Service offer?

  1. Negative Content Removal
    Content Suppression
    Content replacement and promotion
    Online Marketing Support
    Social Media Management
    Reputation Monitoring & Reporting

LSS believe that No two clients are the same, each case is different, contact us for a free analysis and hear what we can do for you.

About LeadSpecificSolutions

LeadSpecificSolutions have been providing industry leading online reputation management since 2008. Based on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. LSS have a global client base ranging from private individuals to F500 companies.

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Remember, positive online marketing attracts customers.

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